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The Amazonian eco-haven of La Selva Lodge, Ecuador

Reserve your front row seat to Ecuador's incredible biodiversity.

Jurriaan Teulings
Origin travel expert
Deep in the Amazon rainforest: La Selva Lodge
Welcome to Ecuador

Ecuador is wildly diverse. While its capital, Quito, is one of the highest altitude cities in the world, a short, eastbound flight down the lofty Andean plateau leads to Coca, a steamy frontier town at the convergence of two rivers heading into the vast Amazonian rainforest.

From here, a green wilderness stretches thousands of kilometers east into Brazil and north into Colombia. It's hard to imagine that just three hours downstream, there's the spacious eco-heaven of La Selva Lodge, perched on the far side of a tranquil lagoon.

The local monkeys are more than happy to upstage their rare bird neighbours
Giant salt licks on the river banks attract thousands of parrots
Views from the kapok tree platform
Early starts that are totally worth it

Located on the edge of the vast Yasuní National Park, La Selva Lodge offers front-row seats to one of the most biodiverse areas on the planet. Early mornings and late afternoons are spent exploring the jungle with experienced guides, leaving plenty of time to relax and enjoy the magical atmosphere of the lodge itself during the day.

Though monkeys, snakes, and frogs will all do their best to upstage them, this place is all about the bird-watching. The astonishing variety of avian splendor is best viewed from the platform built into the crown of a giant kapok tree, ten minutes away from the lodge. There are vultures, brightly colored macaws, and woodpeckers to spot, but also harpy eagles. The largest raptors in the Amazon rainforest, they're usually spotted in the distant treetops.

Excursions by canoe are a calm, quiet way to explore
When night falls, the cocktail bar awaits
There's nothing like an afternoon nap with a cool jungle breeze
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Jurriaan Teulings
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