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See Two Sides of Argentina in 8 Days

From cosmpolitan Buenos Aires to the most far-flung parts of Patagonia, Argentina is a country with so much to offer.

Brian McMahon
Origin travel writer

Nowhere in the world does what Argentina does. Physically, it’s stunning, from the colonial architecture of Buenos Aires down to the glaciers in Patagonia. In between the two, get lost in a dreamy world of vineyards and gaucho cowboy culture. The country is so awe-inspiring that after a couple glasses of Malbec, you’ll be dancing tango in the streets.

Trip Overview
  • 3 nights in Buenos Aires
  • 3 nights in Bariloche
  • 2 nights in El Calafate
Days 1–3: Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a city of passion. Locals will talk about their soccer team, tango, or a sizzling asado as if talking about a lover, and that fiery energy is palpable as you begin to explore the many lively neighborhoods. Wide avenues and belle époque buildings provide the photogenic backdrop for a city that is endlessly pulsating, from your morning cup of mate until a late night of dancing in a steamy milonga.

Your Stay: Hub Porteño

The glitzy Recoleta neighborhood is teeming with five-star hotels you could stay in, but the 11 rooms at Hub Porteño feel more like spending the night at your wealthy friend’s apartment. In lieu of a formal reception desk, you’ll find staff throughout the hotel who are all locals and eager to share their favorite parts of the city. Chat with them and other guests during a picturesque happy hour on the rooftop terrace, a rare treat in the capital city.

Space is a luxury in any big city
Hub Porteño

Get familiar with the Argentine capital on a walking tour with an expert guide, seeing sights like the renowned Teatro Colón opera house and the vintage market in San Telmo neighborhood. Afterward, experience a traditional home-cooked asado.


Tango is considered one of the world's sexiest dances, and you'll see why in a show at one of Buenos Aires' most esteemed clubs. You can even try it yourself at a milonga, or local dance club.

You won't be able to get enough of tango
BonnieBC / Shutterstock

Take a day trip to San Antonio de Areco to learn about the gaucho traditions in the Pampas region. Local crafters still produce silver and leather good in their studios that you can visit. Be sure to stop by the main square for a coffee or mate at a traditional pulpería bar.

Days 4–6: Bariloche, Northern Patagonia

After a short flight from Buenos Aires, you'll arrive in Bariloche at the northern end of the Patagonia region. Grab some mate to perk up and get ready for your first hike in the Andes.

Your Stay: Llao Llao Resort & Hotel

Take the scenery of the Alps, mix it with the coziness of a Canadian hunting lodge, plop it down in Argentine Patagonia, and you’ve got the Llao Llao Hotel. The resort has been the epicenter of the surrounding Nahuel Huapi National Park—Argentina’s oldest—since it was first created, and the building only accentuates its natural beauty. The infinity pool seemingly cascades into the lake while every room comes with a view of the Andes Mountains.


This is nature at its finest, so enjoy the great outdoors with activities like hiking, rappelling, lakeside picnics, and kayaking on crystalline water. Reward yourself with a cold beer from the local brewery with a view worthy of a postcard.

Clear skies and clearer waters at Lake Nahuel Huapi
jo Crebbin / Shutterstock

Visit a traditional working ranch, known as an estancia in Argentina. It's nestled inside the national park with stunning views of the lakes and mountains. Enjoy a grilled lunch after horseback riding around the breathtaking grounds.

Days 7–8: El Calafate, Southern Patagonia

Patagonia is as diverse as it is large. Hop on a plane to El Calafate at the southern end of the region for a whole new vista of this magical land.

The Andes soar over the grasslands
Your Stay: EOLO

With over 10,000 acres of land, the best part of EOLO is that you feel like you’re in the most remote part of Patagonia but with the convenience of a nearby airport. Days can be spent horseback riding the seemingly endless grounds or trekking along glaciers when feeling adventurous, but taking in the views of the steppes from your bedroom window is just as gratifying. In the restaurant, all-inclusive includes the very best of Argentina, from the ingredients to the wine.


Get ready for a full-day exploration of the Perito Moreno Glacier and its surrounding national park. You'll get a pair of spiked crampons to attach to your boots so you can really get up close to this giant wonder.

See the Perito Moreno Glacier to believe its size
saiko3p / Shutterstock
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